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ABS Textured Sheet

ABS Textured Sheet

ABS textured sheet that owns good formability and high impact resistance characteristic, which is the widest used plastics.

High Gloss Acrylic Sheet

High Gloss Acrylic Sheet

High gloss acrylic sheet is one of our main products. We provide 21 standard colors for customers' options.


30 Years Plastic Sheets Manufacturer | TFC Plastics

Located in Taiwan, aesthetic with durability, Ta Fu Chi Plastic Co., Ltd. is a plastic sheets manufacturer that serves all industries. Fine quality ABS sheets, PS sheets, Acrylic sheets and PMMA sheets are provided, and come with a broad selection of colors, sizes, and thicknesses in plastic extrusion industry.

For the last 30 years, TFC Plastics has been specialized in developing plastic sheets that are high impact resistances, tough, durable and suitable for various industrial applications. The dynamic plastic sheets include Acrylic Sheets, HIPS Sheets, GPPS Sheets, PMMA Sheets, PS Embossed Sheets, ABS Wood Grain Sheets, Acrylic Capped ABS Sheets, High Gloss Acrylic Sheets, Acrylic panels and more.

TFC Plastics has been offering customers excellent quality of Acrylic Sheet, Polystyrene Sheet, ABS Sheet, Plastic Sheet Manufacturer, Plastic Extruder, PMMA Sheet, PS Embossed Sheet since 1989. With both advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TFC Plastics always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Plastic Sheets For Vehicle Application

ABS Textured Plastic Sheet/ ABS Plastic Plate/ PVC Wood Grain Sheet/ Acrylic Capped ABS Sheet/ ASA Sheet

In the automotive industry, lightweight and energy-saving vehicles are the mainstays. Plastic materials play an important role in making car bodies lighter, more efficient and more beautiful. Improving the performance and function of automobile plastic parts is the key to expanding their application in automobiles. Ta Fu Chi Plastic offers the various properties of plastic sheets that can be used in the automotive industry.

Plastic sheets made by Ta Fu Chi Plastic can be applied to interior parts, exterior parts, body shell, functional and structural parts of automobiles through subsequent processing. The interior parts emphasize texture, comfort and visibility. Ta Fu Chi Plastics PVC laminated ABS wood grain sheet and Acrylic Capped ABS Sheet upgrade the level of visual quality that can be used for compartment partitions, door trim panels, trim, instrument panel garnish, etc. The characteristics of the exterior parts are that they replace the steel with plastic, reduce the weight of the car, and require higher strength, toughness, impact resistance and weather resistance. Ta Fu Chi Plastics ASA sheet has the characteristics of weather resistance, which is more suitable for outdoor use than ABS, and also has good performance when forming. They can be used for fenders, car visors, Rooftop Cargo Boxes, etc. The key to the material of the car body lies in the stability and the strength of the frame. Ta Fu Chi Plastic's ABS plastic sheet has good formability and stability, and can be used as a small electric car shell, a camper car shell, etc. Functional and structural parts have been plasticized, such as automotive lighting system components, components of large vehicles, etc.

Applications Of Plastic Sheets

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  • ABS Sheet - We can provide custom sizes of ABS sheet.
    ABS Sheet
    Vacuum Forming ABS Sheet

    ABS sheet is a high molecular plastic sheet composed of copolymers of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Its diverse characteristics and wide range of applications make it a favored choice among customers, establishing itself as one of the commonly used plastic sheets in various industries.Characteristics:1. Impact Resistance: ABS sheets are renowned for their excellent impact resistance, making them suitable for environments that require resistance against external forces.2. Easy Processing and Shaping: ABS sheets are easy to process into various shapes, making them an ideal material for manufacturing a variety of products. They can be crafted into different shapes through processes such as thermoforming, vacuum forming, and other methods.3. UV Resistance: Some ABS sheets are enhanced with UV-resistant agents, making them more suitable for outdoor applications, such as automotive shells and other products that require protection against UV radiation.4. Cold Resistance: Specially treated ABS sheets maintain their performance in low-temperature environments, making them suitable for applications in cold conditions, such as sleds, refrigerator interiors, and medical equipment.5. Antistatic Properties: Specially treated ABS sheets exhibit antistatic properties, making them suitable for packaging electronic products.Applications:1. Automotive Industry: ABS sheets find extensive applications in automotive components, interior decorative panels, and vehicle exteriors, leveraging their impact resistance and processing capabilities.2. Electronics: Antistatic ABS sheets are commonly used in packaging electronic devices to ensure that static electricity does not damage sensitive electronic components.3. Outdoor Products: ABS sheets with UV resistance are suitable for outdoor products, including outdoor signs, billboards, and other items exposed to sunlight for extended periods.Ta Fu Chi Plastic provides customized ABS sheets with a variety of sizes, colors, specifications, and surface patterns (embossing, bonding). These sheets are resistant to scratches and exhibit high wear resistance. In terms of processing, ABS sheets can be treated through various methods, expanding their application range, including weathering treatment, CNC machining, sheet lamination, vacuum forming, printing, back coating, stamping, coating, plating treatment, spraying metal, welding, and bonding, among others. Additionally, the company offers other ABS composite materials, such as ABS/ASA sheets, ASA sheets, and ABS/PMMA sheets. Feel free to inquire at any time.

  • ABS Plastic Plate - ABS can be printed and thermoformed.
    ABS Plastic Plate
    ABS Styrene Plastic Plate Sheet

    ABS Plastic Plate of Ta Fu Chi plastic has the following main characteristics and applications,Characteristics:1. Outstanding Impact Resistance: ABS thin sheets exhibit excellent impact resistance, making them suitable for applications that require resistance to impact.2. Ease of Processing and Shaping: Due to the plasticity of ABS material, thin sheets can be easily processed and shaped to meet specific customer requirements.3. Wide Range of Widths: Available in widths ranging from 400mm to 850mm, and can be packaged in rolls, facilitating subsequent processing by customers.4. Polar Surface: ABS sheets have a polar surface, making them suitable for products requiring surface painting.5. High-Temperature Resistance and Environmental Friendliness: Compared to PVC, ABS has higher temperature resistance and is more environmentally friendly, leading to widespread use in various applications.6. Versatile Applications: Primarily used in automotive interior decorative panels, furniture industry, 3C accessories, daily necessities, building materials, advertising signs, medical equipment, SIM cards, smart cards, hard-shell luggage, and plastic casings.Applications:1. Automotive Interior Decorative Panels: Used as a substrate for automotive interior decoration, offering impact resistance and high-temperature stability.2. Furniture Industry: Utilized in the manufacturing of furniture components, customizable based on customer needs.3. 3C Accessories: Widely applied in the production of electronic product casings and components.4. Daily Necessities: Used in the manufacture of common household items such as plastic boxes and containers.5. Building Materials: Employed in the production of decorative and structural materials for construction.6. Advertising Signs: Suitable for the manufacturing of indoor and outdoor advertising signs.7. Medical Equipment: Applied in the medical field for various instrument and equipment components.8. Hard-Shell Luggage and Plastic Casings: Due to its high strength and impact resistance, ABS is suitable for manufacturing luggage and casings.In terms of processing, Ta Fu Chi Plastic offers diverse sizes, specifications, and colors, along with various processing methods such as weather resistance treatment, CNC machining, sheet lamination, vacuum forming, printing, back coating, stamping, coating, plating treatment, metal spraying, welding, and bonding, meeting the diverse application needs of customers.

  • Acrylic Capped ABS Sheet - Acrylic capped ABS sheet is suitable for thermoforming.
    Acrylic Capped ABS Sheet

    Acrylic Capped ABS sheet is a combination of ABS and PMMA materials to create a result of one plus one greater than two. It has the characteristics of ABS and PMMA sheets, strong impact resistance, easy processing, high gloss surface and weather resistance which is suitable for outdoor use and still maintains a high-gloss surface. The difference between the high-gloss acrylic sheet is that the thickness is 1.8mm-7mm, which is suitable for forming and processing. It is widely used in interior decorative materials, furniture, various shells, automotive industry materials, luggage, etc. Ta Fu Chi provides more than 21 colors that are market-proven colors and continues to develop new colors to meet current trends and individual needs of different tastes. Additionally, our company also has ASA / ABS sheet for reference.